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Whatever medical or social appointment it may be, you can rely on us to take you there.
medical team in the ambulance

We provide fully escorted door-to-door service for patients who need to get to hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, and other medical appointments. You can avail of our services for competitively low and affordable rates.

Specifically, our non-emergency medical transportation in San Leandro, CA and other areas of the US can help you go to the following:

  • Nursing Facilities

    Nursing facilities provide the necessary and appropriate medical assistance to individuals who need it. If you or your loved ones need to get to a nursing facility, you can rely on us to take you there safely and conveniently.

  • Senior Care Facilities

    Senior care facilities can engage you or your loved ones in activities that can benefit your physical, social, and mental health. You can rely on us to bring you there without a hassle.

  • Rehabilitation Centers

    Rehabilitation centers can help restore one’s physical state to its optimal condition. If you or your loved ones need that kind of service, we can help take you there.

  • Dialysis Centers

    If you need help getting to dialysis centers for your kidney concerns, we can take you there. Rest assured that we have the right equipment and vehicles for your needs.

  • Social Events

    If you have parties, get-togethers, reunions, and other social events to be in, we can help you avoid missing it. With our help, you can get there safely and on time.

Rest assured that we have the right supplies and equipment for your ambulatory needs. We also have wheelchairs, stretcher/gurney, and more.

For more information about the services that we offer, you may contact us at any time.